Krzysztof Chalupka

Postdoc (and until recently a grad student! I received my PhD in November 2016) in the Computational Vision Lab, California Institute of Technology

Bayesian Modelling, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Causality,
Gaussian Processes, Active Learning, Neuroscience, MCMC

Member of the Computation and Neural Systems program

Publications and Research

CV (pdf, updated Apr 2017.)

My Science Notes and Textbook Solutions



2016: Got my PhD in Electrical Engineering from Caltech! Switching to a postdoc position until I figure out what's next.

2016: I added easy-to-use IPython Notebook demonstration of Causal Feature Learning here.

2016: A recent collaboration with Tobi Bischoff from the climate science department, "Unsupervised
Discovery of El NiƱo Using Causal Feature Learning on Microlevel Climate Data" will be a plenary presentation at UAI 2016!

2016: My bio-oriented project Generalized Regressive Motion: a Visual Cue to Collision got published in Bioinspiration and Biomimetics.

2015: Multi-Level Cause-Effect Systems got accepted at AISTATS 2016!

2015: Visual Causal Feature Learning got accepted at UAI 2015 as a plenary presentation!

2014: Ron Appel and I won the Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship 2014 !
Krzysztof Chalupka
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